We are a diverse group of scientists of different experience and backgrounds, with a shared focus on understanding how spatial, environmental and health data can be combined to provide insights into disease mechanisms and etiologies.

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October 2020 : GIRAPH is in 36.9 RTS “Dis-moi où tu vis et je te dirai comment tu vas

August 2020 : GIRAPH contributes to the fight against SARS-CoV-2. Read our work Geospatial digital monitoring of COVID-19 cases at high spatiotemporal resolution in The Lancet Digital Health

January 2020 :  Read about our work GeoLaus, une étude de l’influence des caractéristiques géo-environ- nementales sur la santé in Praxis

October 2019 : Obesity and food environment in Geneva, interview of David De Ridder by Santé Perso

October 2019 : Breast cancer screening inequalities in Geneva, interview of José Sandoval by Santé Perso

September 2019 : GIRAPH is at the 7th international Jerusalem conference on Health Policy

September 2019 : GIRAPH’s work in the UNIGE Campus 138 : « Dis-moi qui sont tes voisins, je te dirai comment tu vas »

March 2018 :  Interview of Dr Joost at GEO Summit 2018

February 2018 : Interview of Dr Guessous and Dr Joost on Radio Lac

S. Joost and I. GuessousDes médecins à la direction de l’urbanisme ? Forum Bâtir et Planifier « Villes en pleine santé », Lausanne, EPFL, Switzerland, 2017.

S. Joost and I. GuessousDonnées médicales et génétiques géoréférencées au lieu de résidence pour un service de santé publique de précision. Swiss Public Health Conference 2017, Basel, Switzerland, 2017.

A. Salmi, J. Chenal, I. Guessous and S. JoostSpatial dependence of body mass index and exposure to night-time noise in the Geneva urban areaX international, interdisciplinary conference on spatial statistics, geographical epidemiology and geographical aspects of public health, Porto, Portugal, 2017.

S. JoostOpen science practices in geospatial education and researchOpen Science in Practice Summer School (OSIP2017), EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2017.

S. JoostCurrent challenge in landscape genomics: what about the environmental counterpart of high-throughput genomic data?ESEB XVI Congress, Groningen, NL, 2017.